How To Get That Perfect Summer Tan

Summer is here, and with it all the best fashion and activities of the year! Whether it is hanging out with friends outside, going to the beach or partying until late on holidays abroad or at home, there is one thing that is an absolute must have during the season of the sun: a perfect tan. The best accessory to any good outfit, the summer tan is just the glow needed to make everything just a little bit more perfect.

But how to get that perfect summer tan? Well, it is an art that has several rules. The most important one is to do it safely. It’s easy to ignore this side when summer is all about fun, but tanning in the sun can be very dangerous for the body. If a tan is the sign of a good summer spent outside, the lobster red of sunburns is always synonymous with bad news and a lot of pain.

So let’s not forget: the first step of having a perfect summer tan is to put on sunscreen with a high level of protection, and to do it regularly. If avoiding the sun between noon and three would be the best idea, putting on sunscreen every 3 or 5 hours during the day is essential.

Prepping the skin is also an overlooked part of getting a tan. If it’s going to be beautiful, the skin has to look good too. Moisturizing in the morning and before bed is the best way to keep the skin healthy, good looking and resistant to the sun. A well hydrated skin will avoid a fried look and keep the sun glowy on the whole body.

Once the skin is taken care of, it’s important to remember the sun doesn’t discriminate! It’s time to throw away every top with weird shapes, any t-shirts and any bra that isn’t strapless. The tan needs to be immaculate, which means finding clothes that won’t protect just a weird part of skin covered. No one wants a half tanned arm or a strap shaped tan on the shoulders. Another essential technique in that direction is to keep moving. The temptation to nap in the sun or read for hours on the beach is huge, but to get an uniform tan all around your body, it’s important to move! A timer is a good idea to remember to turn around every now and then.

Lastly, patience is key when it comes to the perfect summer glow. Staying a little bit in the sun every day goes a longer way than sitting in the sun for hours on end. The sun rays will hurt the skin less if they only reach the body in little doses, and the tan will be longer lasting, more even and deeper. Yes, there is a science behind tanning.

As long as it is done safely and healthily, tanning is one of a key part of summer and a good memory of holidays in the sun and the fun. A summer activity that definitely won’t get old!