5 Family Tents For Camping

5 Family Tents For Camping

Since mobilizing your family is quite a hard duty, it seemed fair to us that a little help with finding a sturdy enough tent for you and your folks should be beneficial. We know that durability and space are crucial factors in your decision strategy and compiled a list of tents that first meet these demands.

Our top picks for family tents

1. Coleman Mackenzie 5 Blackout Tent

The Mackenzie 6 Blackout is a spacious traditional tent suitable for families with older children who seek an ounce of intimacy. The tent features color-coded steel poles that are easy to pitch and provide resistance to extreme winds. With a spacious enough design, the model marks extra-large coleman blackout tent bedrooms with 99% light protection. Also, you can divide one of the bedrooms into 2 rooms and get extra space for storage or sleeping. Other highlights of the model include a clothes rail, three-way windows, and plenty of headroom.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

At a quite affordable price, this model has a total weight of 31 lbs and has two perpendicular partitioned rooms separated by a wall, a design that enables lots of headroom. You can access the tent from two large doors, which you can reach from any of the rooms. The 6 large windows enable resonant ventilation, and the polyester rainfly coating ensures protection from extreme weather conditions. Accessory-wise, the tent features 2 mesh storage shelves and guy ropes.

3. Coleman Octagon Tent

This is an easy to pitch family tent that can uphold up to 8 people. The Octagon features one immensely large room, which you can divide into two with a partition curtain and use one half as a playroom, storage, or another bedroom. The six large windows perform great ventilation, which is amplified by a mesh roof that let’s air circulate even better. Another thing you can expect is a 100% waterproof system due to Coleman’s weather technology that combines taped seams with fully sewn-in groundsheets.

4. Safacus Teepee Tent

While conserving the feel of an authentic teepee, Safacus sells a 6 person spacious tent that provides a convenient design. The tent features double rooms for a touch of intimacy during a family trip. For refreshing the air, the tent boasts of a zipper door with double layers and 4 side windows with curtains. One of the best parts of this model is being lightweight, thus grossing only 7 kilograms.

5. NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent for 12 Person

This is a super large tent suitable for larger families whose destination is nature. Featuring a detachable divider and two doors, this tent can easily become an intimate shelter for children and parents and have different activities while not interfering with the ones of others. Also, ventilation-wise, the tent is equipped with 3 windows that enable facile air circulation. Another perk for people from the suburbs is the integrated mosquito mesh, which prevents insects of all sizes from entering the tent.

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