5 Family Tents For Camping

Since mobilizing your family is quite a hard duty, it seemed fair to us that a little help with finding a sturdy enough tent for you and your folks should be beneficial. We know that durability and space are crucial factors in your decision strategy and compiled a list of tents that first meet these demands.

Our top picks for family tents

1. Coleman Mackenzie 5 Blackout Tent

The Mackenzie 6 Blackout is a spacious traditional tent suitable for families with older children who seek an ounce of intimacy. The tent features color-coded steel poles that are easy to pitch and provide resistance to extreme winds. With a spacious enough design, the model marks extra-large coleman blackout tent bedrooms with 99% light protection. Also, you can divide one of the bedrooms into 2 rooms and get extra space for storage or sleeping. Other highlights of the model include a clothes rail, three-way windows, and plenty of headroom.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

At a quite affordable price, this model has a total weight of 31 lbs and has two perpendicular partitioned rooms separated by a wall, a design that enables lots of headroom. You can access the tent from two large doors, which you can reach from any of the rooms. The 6 large windows enable resonant ventilation, and the polyester rainfly coating ensures protection from extreme weather conditions. Accessory-wise, the tent features 2 mesh storage shelves and guy ropes.

3. Coleman Octagon Tent

This is an easy to pitch family tent that can uphold up to 8 people. The Octagon features one immensely large room, which you can divide into two with a partition curtain and use one half as a playroom, storage, or another bedroom. The six large windows perform great ventilation, which is amplified by a mesh roof that let’s air circulate even better. Another thing you can expect is a 100% waterproof system due to Coleman’s weather technology that combines taped seams with fully sewn-in groundsheets.

4. Safacus Teepee Tent

While conserving the feel of an authentic teepee, Safacus sells a 6 person spacious tent that provides a convenient design. The tent features double rooms for a touch of intimacy during a family trip. For refreshing the air, the tent boasts of a zipper door with double layers and 4 side windows with curtains. One of the best parts of this model is being lightweight, thus grossing only 7 kilograms.

5. NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent for 12 Person

This is a super large tent suitable for larger families whose destination is nature. Featuring a detachable divider and two doors, this tent can easily become an intimate shelter for children and parents and have different activities while not interfering with the ones of others. Also, ventilation-wise, the tent is equipped with 3 windows that enable facile air circulation. Another perk for people from the suburbs is the integrated mosquito mesh, which prevents insects of all sizes from entering the tent.

3 Stellar Automatic Espresso Machines

Looking for an excellent espresso maker to add to your kitchen? Worried that once you will buy one that it will break down within weeks of you purchasing it? Make sure you do your research before you decide what machine to buy. To assist in this search, I have decided to review three of the top Amazon.com search results that pop up when you search for ‘automatic espresso machine‘. Be sure to check them out for yourself on Amazon.com as well!

1) Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ Milk Frother

This machine is incredibly easy to use. With its modern user-friendly touchscreen, you are able to select whether you want to make coffee, hot water, or espresso. The touchscreen gives it a very sleek look which I enjoy. It also has durable ceramic grinders that transform your beans into a coarse texture that I really like. It’s aroma seal probably also helps out with this as it keeps your beans fresher for longer. Additionally, it has three setting options for your temperature and aroma strength, allowing you to customize the beverage to your specific liking. And finally, it has a removable brew group along with dishwasher safe parts, making it incredibly hassle-free in terms of cleaning. This machine makes delicious beverages and is easy to clean, so it earns a 4.5/5 Stars from me!

2) Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 1.8 L, Stainless Steel

This machine has far more selection in comparison to the Philips 2200 Series, offering 15 different beverage options on its advanced touchscreen display. While this might be appealing to some users, I find this feature a little frivolous as I tend to stick to what I like in the morning. The machine also allows you to set up user profiles (up to 6), which is really nice since each user can log their beverage preferences into the machine’s database. Additionally, for 5,000 cups, their Qu a clean water feature eliminates the need to descale which is always a nice feature. Like the Philips 2200 Series, this machine is equipped with durable ceramic grinders. It also has a hygiesteam that cleans the entire milk circuit for you, which is very convenient. This machine is easy to use, convenient, but sometimes has frivolous features, so it earns a 4/5 Stars from me!

3) Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

This machine is ideal for robust coffee flavors as it has a 19 Bar Italian Pump that applies the ideal amount of pressure for extraction. It also has a 1 button interface that takes away the confusion that operating other espresso makers has. Additionally, it has a Thermocouple heating system that evenly heats the water for the perfect drink temperature. It’s automatic milk frother is also an amazing element to this machine, and it succeeds in whipping any milk into a light, creamy froth. It’s also very convenient has the milk circuit is easy to fill, clean, and store leftovers. And finally, the cup tray is a great height as it fits both tall and short mugs alike. Because if its extremely usable and simple nature, this espresso maker earns 5/5 Stars from me!

For more reviews, visit MamasRoyalCoffee.com

How To Get That Perfect Summer Tan

Summer is here, and with it all the best fashion and activities of the year! Whether it is hanging out with friends outside, going to the beach or partying until late on holidays abroad or at home, there is one thing that is an absolute must have during the season of the sun: a perfect tan. The best accessory to any good outfit, the summer tan is just the glow needed to make everything just a little bit more perfect.

But how to get that perfect summer tan? Well, it is an art that has several rules. The most important one is to do it safely. It’s easy to ignore this side when summer is all about fun, but tanning in the sun can be very dangerous for the body. If a tan is the sign of a good summer spent outside, the lobster red of sunburns is always synonymous with bad news and a lot of pain.

So let’s not forget: the first step of having a perfect summer tan is to put on sunscreen with a high level of protection, and to do it regularly. If avoiding the sun between noon and three would be the best idea, putting on sunscreen every 3 or 5 hours during the day is essential.

Prepping the skin is also an overlooked part of getting a tan. If it’s going to be beautiful, the skin has to look good too. Moisturizing in the morning and before bed is the best way to keep the skin healthy, good looking and resistant to the sun. A well hydrated skin will avoid a fried look and keep the sun glowy on the whole body.

Once the skin is taken care of, it’s important to remember the sun doesn’t discriminate! It’s time to throw away every top with weird shapes, any t-shirts and any bra that isn’t strapless. The tan needs to be immaculate, which means finding clothes that won’t protect just a weird part of skin covered. No one wants a half tanned arm or a strap shaped tan on the shoulders. Another essential technique in that direction is to keep moving. The temptation to nap in the sun or read for hours on the beach is huge, but to get an uniform tan all around your body, it’s important to move! A timer is a good idea to remember to turn around every now and then.

Lastly, patience is key when it comes to the perfect summer glow. Staying a little bit in the sun every day goes a longer way than sitting in the sun for hours on end. The sun rays will hurt the skin less if they only reach the body in little doses, and the tan will be longer lasting, more even and deeper. Yes, there is a science behind tanning.

As long as it is done safely and healthily, tanning is one of a key part of summer and a good memory of holidays in the sun and the fun. A summer activity that definitely won’t get old!

Hiking Essentials for Beginners, a Quick Checklist

Hiking is a great way to explore your own backyard, in the sense that it allows you to take in some of the most picturesque and unforgettable views. Hiking is also a form of low-key exercise and prevents issues such as arthritis, and mental health.

When heading in to the unknown, you will experience every sense of this word. Unlike paths or parks, the terrain is unpredictable, but that is what makes it fun. When beginning to hike, it is most important to work from small to big, and also to take in to account your current fitness levels. Below are some tips to help you get on your way and exploring in no time.

1. Choose the correct path for your current fitness levels and hiking experience – As beginners, we are not sure what type of terrain, or how long or high our bodies can go. Walking on a paved pathway or in a park, or even on a treadmill is no-where near the experience of hiking. Terrain plays a vital role in how far you can go when starting out, so it is important to take this in to consideration when choosing a path.

2. Get to know the route –Being able to somewhat visualise the path you have chosen it very important, as it will not only help you not get lost, it will enable you to enjoy the panoramic views much more than if you have-to keep glancing at a map. Pre-determining an appropriate route will also benefit as you can see if there is a place to set up camp and have some lunch.

3. Always check the weather – In the days before you set off, as well as when as you are at the starting line, it is important to check the weather in order to dress appropriately, and make any changes to your route if need be.

4. Hiking clothes – A hiking hat and hiking shorts are two of the most important assets when hiking anywhere. They will help protect you from the harsh elements, and also allow you to move freely if moving between a tight space.

5. Notify others of your whereabouts – This is the single most important element of hiking. Either travel with a partner or in a group, but if you must hike alone, you need to tell a friend or family member where will you be and when. This will help in the case that, god forbid, you go missing or are injured for one reason or another.

6. Take a backpack – This backpack needs to include the 10 essentials for hiking, wherever you are.

  • Navigation equipment – Sun screen, hat and sunglasses -Extra clothing
  • Lights or a flashlight – First-aid equipment – Small snacks
  • Fire making equipment – Water supply – Tent or any other shelter

If you follow these simple 6 steps in the lead up and during your hike, you will have an amazing time, creating unforgettable memories along the way and what better way to explore the world around you than seeing every detail on foot!

Get yourself any of these adult pool floats and you’ll relax in style

1. Pink Flamingo Pool Float


An amazing relaxing day at a pool is never complete without Pink Flamingo Pool Float. What makes it even more unique is the size it inflates to, over five feet wide just for your comfort. It is made to last for a long time because of sturdy vinyl material used and super fun to use. What’s more? If you are a lover of birds, then you are at home with this float. They are also made to withstand extreme pressure so that children can also enjoy it.

And yes they are made for different seasons. There those you can use during winter or enjoy them during summer. These floats are extremely affordable and you can easily find them on Amazon. Just a click on their site and you have your order coming your way. The good news is that they are delivered for free. And as if that’s not enough, you are free to change your order if it is not suitable for your needs.

2. Chocolate Donut Pool Float

This float is so cute you won’t think twice purchasing it. It just gives you an instant relaxation you are looking for in the pool. Who doesn’t like chocolate? It is just like that. You always want to bite it from time to time. It comfortably inflates to 4 feet wide and made of a very strong vinyl.

The size of this float is just big enough to allow your frame to fit well and your bottom to just cool in the water. So, you don’t need to worry about adjustments. It is the best float, especially when used for river tubing. Who doesn’t like to be noticed? This float makes you stand out from the rest and gets everyone complimenting its cute donut design.

3. Kings White Swan Party Pool Float

As the old adage goes, sharing is caring, this float is big enough for you and you are loved once. So, the next time you planning a date with the love of your life and going to the pool is a priority, then this float ought to be on your packing list. It also gathers for the interest of bird lovers, especially swans.

This float will always have people turning their heads in your direction. It just gets you into the relaxation mood more so with the good music playing in the background. This is an excellent float for everyone. The price of this float is extremely low for its quality. You also get the best customer support from the manufacturers.

4. Intex Pool Lounger

Whether you are new in pooling, whether you are worried your weight might not hold up, this float is meant for you. It is an amazing float that can be used by everyone with no worries. It can hold up to more than 280 lbs. The float is so comfortable you get into the relaxation mood instantly. You can always control the varying temperatures by sprinkling some water or using coolers.

This float also allows you to enjoy your drinks with ease. With this float, you don’t have to get wet unless you wish to. You can also comfortably use this float in rivers because you can maneveur and paddle around with it easily. What’s more? This float doesn’t lose air for more than 8 hours. Meaning that you can use it for that long. In fact with this float you can even use it at night. We only recommend having pool lights in the pool so you can relax at night as well.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Glasgow

Glasgow is the third most populous city in the UK and the largest in Scotland. It covers an area of almost sixty-eight miles and has a population of six hundred thousand people. It is located on River Clyde, nestled in Scotland’s central lowlands. For thousands of years the area around Glasgow has been settled because of the excellent fishing conditions afforded by the river. However, the Romans were the first to build permanent settlements on the lowlands. The actual city was established by Saint Mungo during the sixth century.

By the twelfth century the city was incorporated and its cathedral was the seat of the Archbishops of Glasgow. The first stone cathedral was erected in 1136 and was later replaced by a bigger cathedral around the end of the twelfth century. In the fifteenth century the first organized center of higher education was established, the University of Glasgow. Within a hundred years the city became one of the most important academic and religious centers in all of Scotland.

The sixteenth century saw some of the most significant developments in Glasgow. The first development was that the cities artisan class began harnessing tremendous political power. The second development was that Glasgow turned into a major trading city with the Clyde River being the perfect instrument for transporting goods to the rest of Scotland. Its proximity to the Atlantic ocean also allowed American tobacco, sugar and cotton to be imported and then distributed to the rest of Europe. Glasgow’s economy was further bolstered by the large quantities of iron and coal in the area. This allowed the city to become a major industrial powerhouse with cotton mills and textile factories employing large quantities of people. During the latter years of the nineteenth century Glasgow became one of the wealthiest cities in the world and constructed a complex network of public transport, museums and parks.

Glasgow’s prosperity would come to an end during the Great Depression. Unemployment in the city rose and manufacturing started to decline. This was halted briefly during World War II, as the cities shipyards and manufacturing centers began to work at full capacity. But, this didn’t come without a price. German began an extensive bombing campaign on the city and caused a massive destruction of housing which displaced tens of thousands of Glaswegians. After the war, the cities industrial capacity continued to decline all the way up to the 1960s. During the Sixties radical changes began to take place in the city. This was started by Glasgow’s politicians taking steps to improve the city. The tenement slums were torn down and modern housing was erected in its place.

Today, Glasgow’s economy is based upon shipbuilding, engineering, publishing and textile production. The city is also becoming increasingly dependant on tourism. In fact, Glasgow is the second most popular destination in the entire country and is the fourth most popular in the United Kingdom. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the city is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was founded in 1901 and designed by the architect Sir John W. Simpson. It houses one of the most impressive collections of artwork in Europe. These include works from Dutch Renaissance painters, French Impressionists and Scottish Colourist.

Glasgow Cathedral is another tourist favorite in the city. Its called by a variety of different names which include High Kirk of Glasgow, St Mungo’s Cathedral and St Kentigern’s. It was built before the Reformation and served as the seat of the Archbishop of Glasgow. Another church located in the city is St. Mary’s Cathedral. St. Mary’s Cathedral was built in 1871 and is located in the west end of Glasgow. This cathedral rises one hundred and eighty nine feet and features a prominent central spire. St Luke’s Orthodox Cathedral is another church for visitors to take a look at in Glasgow. This church was built in 1877 and was designed by architect James Sellars. This church was designed in the classic Gothic style. Other churches in the city include St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Jordanhill Parish Church, Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, St. John’s Renfield Church and Wellington Church.

The oldest public museum in Glasgow is the Hunterian Museum. This museum is spread out over several buildings on the campus of the University of Glasgow. This museum was opened in 1807 and its initial inventory was comprised of items bequeathed by William Hunter. Today its spread over four buildings which include the main museum, the Zoology Museum, Hunterian Gallery and Mackintosh House. The main museum has display which pertain to William Hunter and his collections.

Located on the southern bank of the Clyde River is the Glasgow Science Center. This science building is composed of three buildings which include an IMAX theater, Glasgow Tower and the Science Mall. The Science Mall is shaped like a crescent moon and is composed of titanium. It has three floors and over two hundred and fifty exhibits that have a hands on approach. It also contains a planetarium. The IMAX theater is the only theater of its kind to have been erected in the country. It can seat over three hundred and seventy people and the screen measure sixty by eighty feet. The Glasgow Tower is three hundred and eighty one feet high and is considered to be the tallest tower in the entire country of Scotland.

A popular place in Glasgow to view concerts is the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. It covers an area of over sixty-seven thousand square feet and has five exhibition halls. It was opened in 1979.

The city of Glasgow is also filled with lots of interesting restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and shops littered all over the city. If your looking for lodging in the city there are also plenty to choose from. There are hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast and many other places to stay. No matter if its a night, weekend or week.